Salvatore Gambino

Senior Geophysicist
Osservatorio Etneo, Catania, Italy
Istituto Nazionale Geofisica e Vulcanologia


Fields of interest:

Volcano seismology;
Tilt monitoring;
Tilt signals associated to volcanic/tectonic processes;
Modelling of ground deformation patterns related to eruptive episodes;
Ground deformation induced by co-seismic fault displacements;
Monitoring of faults and volcanic fractures;
Multi-parametric approach in investigating hydrothermal systems;
Multi-disciplinary investigation of lava fountains;
Reconstruction of fault plan geometry by high precision locations of earthquakes;
Thermal expansion-contraction and slope instability of fumarole fields;
Probabilistic estimation of eruptions.


Recent publications:

S. Alparone, O. Cocina, S. Gambino, A. Mostaccio, S. Spampinato, T. Tuvè, and A. Ursino
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