Sergey Shabala

Professor in Plant Physiology
School of Agricultural Science
University of Tasmania

Fields of interest: 

Stress physiology; membrane transport; cell biology


Recent publications:

Shabala S (2011): 
Physiological and cellular aspects of phytotoxicity tolerance in plants: the role of membrane transporters and implications for crop breeding for waterlogging tolerance.
New Phytologist 190: 289-298

Zepeda-Jazo I, Velarde-Buendia AM, Enriquez-Figueroa R, Bose J, Shabala S, Muniz-Murguia J, Pottosin II (2011): 
Polyamines interact with hydroxyl radicals in activating Ca2+ and K+ transport across the root epidermal plasma membranes.
Plant Physiology 157: 2167-2180

Demidchik V, Shang ZL, Shin R, Colaco R, Laohavisit A, Shabala S, Davies JM (2011): 
Receptor-like activity evoked by extracellular ADP in Arabidopsis root epidermal plasma membrane.
Plant Physiology 156: 1375-1385

Shabala S, Baekgaard L, Shabala L, Fuglsang A, Babourina O, Palmgren MG, Cuin TA, Rengel Z, Nemchinov LG (2011):
Plasma membrane Ca2+ transporters mediate virus-induced acquired resistance to oxidative stress.
Plant Cell and Environment 34: 406-417

Cuin TA, Bose J, Stefano G, Jha D, Tester M, Mancuso S, Shabala S (2011):
Assessing the role of root plasma membrane and tonoplast Na+/H+ exchangers in salinity tolerance in wheat: in planta quantification methods.
Plant Cell and Environment 34: 947-961

Wegner LH, Stefano G, Shabala L, Rossi M, Mancuso S, Shabala S (2011):
Sequential depolarization of root cortical and stelar cells induced by an acute salt shock – implications for Na+ and K+ transport into xylem vessels.
Plant Cell and Environment 34: 859-869

Shabala S, Mackay A. (2011):
Ion Transport in Halophytes.
Advances in Botanical Research, 57: 151-199

Shabala S, Shabala L, Cuin TA, Pang JY, Percey W, Chen ZH, Conn S, Eing C, Wegner LH (2010):
Xylem ionic relations and salinity tolerance in barley.
Plant Journal 61: 839-853

Shabala S, Babourina O, Rengel Z, Nemchinov LG (2010):
Non-invasive microelectrode potassium flux measurements as a potential tool for early recognition of virus–host compatibility in plants.
Planta 232: 807-815

Demidchik V, Cuin TA, Svistunenko D, Smith SJ, Miller AJ, Shabala S, Sokolik A, Yurin V (2010):
Arabidopsis root K+ efflux conductance activated by hydroxyl radicals: single-channel properties, genetic basis and involvement in stress-induced cell death.
Journal of Cell Science 123: 1468-1479