Peyson Sheets

Department of Anthropology
University of Colorado, Boulder

Fields of interest: 

Ancient societies of Mesoamerica and lower Central America

Sudden massive stresses of explosive volcanic eruptions and their impact on human societies

Remote sensing techniques in archaeology


Recent publications:

Peyson Sheets(with J. Cooper) Eds:
Surviving Sudden Environmental Change, Answers from Archaeology.
Colorado: University Press of Colorado (2012)

Peyson Sheets:
Pilgrimages and Persistent Social Memory in Spite of Volcanic Disasters in the Arenal Area, Costa Rica.
Ancient Mesoamerica 22:425-435. (2011)

Peyson Sheets:
Manioc Cultivation at Cerén, El Salvador: Occasional Kitchen Garden Plant or Staple Crop?
Ancient Mesoamerica 22:425-435. (2011)

Peyson Sheets:
When the Construction of Meaning Preceded the Meaning of Construction: From Footpaths to Monumental Entrances in Ancient Costa Rica
[in: ] In Clark Erickson, James Snead and Andrew Darling Ed. Landscapes of Movement.
Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press (2009)

Peyson Sheets:
Who Were Those Classic Period Immigrants into the Zapotitán Valley, El Salvador?
[in: ] Brent E. Metz, Cameron L. McNeil and Kerry M. Hull Eds. The Ch’orti’ Maya Area Past and Present.
University Press of Florida. (2009)

Peyson Sheets:
Armageddon to the Garden of Eden: Explosive Volcanic Eruptions and Societal Resilience in Ancient Middle America
[ in: ] Ed. Daniel Sandweiss: Central America and Mesoamerica, pp. 177-196.
WashingtonDC: Dunbarton Oaks. (2008)

Peyson Sheets (with T. L. Sever):
Creating and Perpetuating Social Memory Across the Ancient Costa Rican Landscape
[in: ] James Wiseman and Farouk El-Baz Eds. Remote Sensing in Archaeology.
Springer Publications.2007