John W Sibert IV


Department of Chemistry
University of Texas at Dallas

Fields of interest: 

„Wurster’s” crowns – redox-active macrocyclic receptors

Macrocycle synthesis and coordination chemistry

Supramolecular chemistry: organic host-guest systems


Recent publications: 

EM Tristani, JI Wirgau, GR Dubay, JW Sibert, AL Crumbliss:
Siderophore-redox active ionophore host-guest assemblies: A prototype for selective metal ion compartmentalization,  
Inorg. Chem. Acta, Vol. 363, (2010), pp. 3611-3615.

JP Clare, A Stanikov, V Lynch, AL Sargent, JW Sibert:
„Wurster-type” ureas as redox-active receptors for anions,
J. Org. Chem., Vol. 74, (2009), pp. 6637-6646.

M DeBacker, M Hureau, M Depriester, A Deletoille, AL Sargent, PB Forshee, JW Sibert:
On the oxidation of Wurster’s reagent and the Wurster’s crown analog of 15-arown-5 in the presence of alkali metal cations,
J. Electroanal. Chem. Vol. 612, (2008), pp. 97-104.

JW Sibert, PB Forshee, GR Hundt, AL Sargent, SG Bott, V Lynch:
Wurster’s crowns: a comparative study of ortho- and para-phenylenediamine-containing macrocyclic receptors,
Inorg. Chem.,Vol. 46, (2007), pp. 10913-10925.

JW Sibert, PB Forshee and V Lynch:
Electron transfer vs. coordination chemistry: isomer-specific binding of Hg(II) by an ortho-Wurster’s thiacrown ether,
Inorg. Chem.,Vol. 45, (2006), pp. 6108-6110.