Lars E. Sjöberg

Professor of Geodesy
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden

Fields of interest

  • Physical Geodesy, geoid determination, height systems, potential theory
  • Geometrical Geodesy,
  • Satellite Geodesy, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Satellite Gravimetry
  • Geodynamics, deformation analysis, isostasy
  • Adjustment and estimation theory

Recent publications (selected)

Sjöberg L.E. (2010):
Solving the topographic potential bias as an initial value problem,
Art. Sat. 44(3): 75-84.

Sjöberg L. E. (2009):
Solving Vening-Meinesz-Moritz inverse problem in isostasy,
Geophys. J. Int. 179: 1527-1536.

Sjöberg L.E. (2009):
The terrain correction in gravimetric geoid computation-is it needed?
Geophys. J. Int. 176:14-18.

Sjöberg L.E. (2009):
On the topographic bias in geoid determination by the external gravity field,
J Geod. 83:967-972.

Sjöberg L.E. and Eshagh M. (2009):
A geoid solution for airborne gravity data,
Stud. Geophys. Geod. 53: 359-374.

Sjöberg L.E. and Eshagh M. (2010):
Considering data gaps in geoid modelling by modifying Stokes's formula,
Acta Geod. Geophys. Hung. 45, (Accepted).

Eshagh M. and Sjöberg, L.E. (2009):
Topographic and atmospheric effects on GOCE gradiomeric data in local north oriented frame: A case study in Fennoscandia and Iran,
Stud. Geophys. Geod. 53:61-80.

Eshagh M. and Sjöberg L. E. (2009):
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VDM verlag, 244 p., ISBN-13 : 978-3639203509.

Eshagh M. and Sjöberg L. E. (2009):
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