Somdeb Lahiri

Institute of Petroleum Management

Fields of interest: 

Social Choice Theory, Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory


Recent publications:

“Existence of Market Equilibrium for Package Assignment Problems”,
International Journal of Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Information Technology (IJMCSIT), Vol. 4, No.1, January-June 2011, pages 45-54.

“Comparative statics of oligopoly equilibrium in a pure exchange economy”,
Modern Economy, Vol.2, No.2(2011), pages 77-83.

“A Note on Optimality of Full-Capacity Flat-Rate Equilibrium”,
International Journal of Business and Economics (IJBE), Volume 8 (2009), No:3, Pages 249-253.

“Market Equilibrium for Combinatorial Auctions and the Matching Core of Nonnegative TU Games”,
published in “Mathematical Programming and Game Theory for Decision Making” S.K. Neogy, R.B. Bapat, A.K. Das & T.Parthasarathy (eds.), Statistical Science and Interdisciplinary Research- Vol.1, World Scientific, May 2008.

“Core and Equilibria in an Assembled Product Industry”,
Review of Economic Design, Volume 10, Number 4, March 2007, pages 327-339.

 “A Weak Bargaining Set for Contract Choice Problems”,
Research in Economics, Volume 61, Issue 4, Pages 185-190.

“Local Versus Global: The Case of Discrete Concave Production Functions”,
Pure Mathematics and Applications (PUMA), Volume 18 (2007), Issue 1-2, Pages 91-100.

“Stable Outcomes for Contract Choice Problems”,
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“Equitable and Decentralized Solutions for the Allocation of Indivisible Objects”,
published in “Advances in Development Economics” Dipak Basu (ed.), World Scientific, December 2008.

“Three-Sided Matchings and Separable Preferences”,
published in “Contributions to Game Theory and Management” (GTM2007) Collected Papers (Leon A. Petrosjan and Nikolay A. Zenkevich (eds.), The International Conference : Game Theory and Management, June 28-29, 2007, St.Petersburg, Russia.