Sandra Luque

Research Director Deputy Coordinator, IUFRO 8.01.02 Working Party (Division 8): Forest Landscape Ecology
Mountain Ecosystem Unit
IRSTEA National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture

Fields of interest:

landscape ecology, biodiversity assessment, habitat modelling, biodiversity indicators, global change, ecosystem services

Recent publications:

Luque S., Saura S., Fortin M.J.:
Landscape connectivity analysis for conservation: insights from combining new methods with ecological and genetic data.
Landscape Ecology 2012, 27:153-157.

Decout S., Manel S., Miaud C., Luque S.:
Integrative approach for landscape-based graph connectivity analysis: a case study with the common frog (Rana temporaria) in human-dominated landscapes.
Landscape Ecology 2012, 27: 267-279.

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