Tara Spires-Jones

Instructor in Neurology
Department of Neuorolgy
Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
E-mail: tspires@partners.org
Page: http://massgeneral.org

Fields of interest

Neurodegeneration and plasticity in disease and aging, Alzheimer’s disease, Frontotemporal dementia, and aging.


Recent publications

Meyer-Luehmann M, Mora JR, Mielke M, Spires-Jones TL, de Calignon A, von Andrian UH, Hyman BT.:
T cell mediated cerebral hemorrhages and microhemorrhages during passive Aβ immunization in APPPS1 transgenic mice.
Mol Neurodegener., 2011, 6:22

Jones PB, Adams KW, Rozkalne A, Spires-Jones TL, Hshieh TT, Hashimoto T, von Armin CA, Mielke M, Bacskai BJ, Hyman BT.:
Apolipoprotein E: isoform specific differences in tertiary structure and interaction with amyloid-β in human Alzheimer brain.
PLoS One., 2011, 6(1):e14586

Spires-Jones TL, de Calignon A, Meyer-Luehmann M, Bacskai BJ, Hyman BT.:
Monitoring protein aggregation and toxicity in Alzheimer’s disease mouse models using in vivo imaging.
Methods., 2011, 53(3):201-7

Rozkalne A, Hyman BT, Spires-Jones TL.:
Calcineurin inhibition with FK506 ameliorates dendritic spine density deficits in plaque-bearing Alzheimer model mice.
Neurobiol Dis., 2011, 41(3):650-4

Spires-Jones TL, Kay K, Matsouka R, Rozkalne A, Betensky RA, Hyman BT.:
Calcineurin inhibition with systemic FK506 treatment increases dendritic branching and dendritic spine density in healthy adult mouse brain.
Neurosci Lett., 2011, 487(3):260-3

Koffie RM, Farrar CT, Saidi LJ, William CM, Hyman BT, Spires-Jones TL.:
Nanoparticles enhance brain delivery of blood-brain barrier-impermeable probes for in vivo optical and magnetic resonance imaging.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 2011, 108(46):18837-42

Koffie RM, Hyman BT, Spires-Jones TL.:
Alzheimer’s disease: synapses gone cold.
Mol Neurodegener., 2011, 6(1):63