M.A.G. Sprangers

Medical Psychology
Amsterdam Medical Center, University of Amsterdam
E-mail: m.a.sprangers@amc.uva.nl

Fields of interest: 

quality of life, patient reported outcomes, response shift, genetic predisposition of quality of life


Recent publications:

M. A. G. Sprangers, N. K. Aaronson:
The role of health care providers and significant others in evaluating the quality of life of patients with chronic disease: A review.
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M. A. Sprangers, C. E. Schwartz:
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J. Clin. Epdimeiol. 53 (9), 895-907 (2000)

P. M. Fayers, M. A. G. Sprangers:
Understanding self-rated health.
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M. A .G. Sprangers:
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M. A. G. Sprangers, J. A. Sloan, A. M. Barsevick, C. Chauhan, A. C. Dueck, H. Raat, S. Quiling, C. J. F. van Noorden, the GENEQOL Consortium:
Scientific imperatives, clinical implications, and theoretical underpinnings for the investigation of the relationship between genetic variables and patient-reported quality-of-life outcomes.
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C. Tishelman, M. Lovgren, E. Broberger, K. Hamberg, M. A. G. Sprangers.
Are the most distressing concerns of patients with inoperable lung cancer adequately assessed? A mixed-methods analysis.
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