Stanislav Rangelov

Institute of Polymers
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Fields of interest

Polymers, polymer synthesis, self-assembly, nanoparticles, encapsulation


Recent publications

Momekova, D. Budurova, D. Drakalska, E. Shenkov, S. Momekov, G. Trzebicka, B. Lambov, N. Tashev, E. Rangelov, S.:
Aggregation Behavior and in vitro Biocompatibility Study of Octopus-shaped Macromolecules Based on tert-Butyl Calix[4]arenes, 
Int. J. Pharm. Vol. 436(1-2), (2012), pp. 410-417.

Trzcinska, R.; Szweda, D.; Rangelov, S.; Suder, P.; Silberring, J.; Dworak, A.; Trzebicka, B.:
Bioactive Mesoglobules of Poly(di(ethylene glycol)Monomethyl Ether Methacrylate)-Peptide Conjugate,
J.Polym.Sci.Part A: Polym.Chem., Vol. 50(15), (2012), pp. 3104-3115. 

Rangelov,S. Simon, P. Toncheva-Moncheva, N. Dimitrov,Ph. Gajewska,B. Tsvetanov, Ch.:
Nano-sized Colloidal Particles fromThermosensitivePoly(methoxydiethyleneglycol Methacrylate)sin Aqueous Media,
Polymer Bulletin,Vol. 68, (2012), pp. 2175-2185.

Haladjova, E. Rangelov, S. Tsvetanov, Ch. Pispas, S.:
DNA Encapsulation via Nanotemplates from Cationic Block Copolymer Micelles,
Soft Matter,Vol. 8(10), (2012), pp. 2884-2889.

Kowalczuk, A. Trzebicka, B. Rangelov, S. Smet, M. Dworak, A. Star:
Macromolecules with Hyperbranched Poly(Arylene Oxindole) Cores and Polyacid Arms: Synthesis and Solution Behavior,
J. Polym. Sci. Part A: Polym. Chem. Vol. 49, (2011), pp. 5074-5086.

Libera, M. Wałach, W. Trzebicka, B. Rangelov, S. Dworak, A.:
Thermosensitive Dendritic Stars of tert-Butyl-glycidylether and Glycidol – Synthesis and Encapsulation Properties.
Polymer, Vol. 52, (2011), pp. 3526-3536.

Toncheva-Moncheva, N. Dimitrov, Ph. Tsvetanov, Ch. Robak, B. Trzebicka, B. Dworak, A. Rangelov, S.:
Formation of Mesoglobules in Aqueous Media from Thermo-Sensitive Poly(Ethoxytriethyleneglycol Acrylate).
Polymer Bulletin,Vol. 67(7), (2011), pp. 1335-1346.

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Momekova, D. Rangelov, S. Lambov, N. Long Circulating:
pH-Sensitive Liposomes.
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Momekova, D. Momekov, G. Rangelov, S. Storm, G. Lambov, N.:
Physicochemical and Biopharmaceutical Characterization of Dipalmitoyl Phosphatidylcholine Liposomes Sterically Stabilized by Copolymers Bearing Short Blocks of Lipid-Mimetic Units,
Soft Matter, Vol. 6, (2010),pp.591-601.

Halacheva, S. Rangelov, S. Tsvetanov,Ch. Garamus, V. M.:
Aqueous Solution Properties of Polyglycidol-based Analogues of Pluronic Copolymers. Influence of the Poly(propylene oxide) Block Molar Mass.
Macromolecules, Vol. 43, (2010), pp. 772-81.