Susan Rothstein

Department of English
Bar-Ilan University

Fields of interest:

Semantics and the syntax-semantics interface, in particular the aspect, theories of counting and measuring, noun phrase structure, event semantics, crosslinguistic semantics

Recent publications:

S. Rothstein,
The Semantics of Counting.
Cambridge University Press. (to appear)

Ritwik Kulkarni, Susan Rothstein and Alessandro Treves
A statistical investigation into ‎the ‎crosslinguistic distribution of mass and count nouns: ‎morphosyntactic and semantic ‎perspectives.
Biolinguistics 7 (2013), 132-168.

Susan Rothstein
A cross linguistic perspective on bare nominals: Modern Hebrew and Brazilian Portuguese.
In: Johannes Kabatek and Albert Wall (eds.)
New Perspectives on Bare Noun Phrases in Romance and Beyond. (SLCS 141). John Benjamins: Amsterdam 2013, pp. 36-61.

Susan Rothstein
Adjectivally-headed construct states in Hebrew.
Lingua 2013.

Xuping Li, Susan Rothstein
Measure readings of Mandarin classifier ‎phrases and ‎the particle de.
Language and Linguistics 13.4 (2012), pp. 693-741.

Susan Rothstein,
Numbers: Counting, Measuring and Classifying.
Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung16, A. Aguilar-Guevara, A. Chernilovskaya (eds). MIT Working Papers in Linguistics: Cambridge, MA 2012. Pp. 527-543.

Fred Landman, Susan Rothstein
The felicity of aspectual for-phrases Part I: Homogeneity.
Language and Linguistics Compass 6/2 (2012), pp. 85–96, 10.1002/lnc3.3242011

Fred Landman, Susan Rothstein
The felicity of aspectual for-phrases Part II: Incremental homogeneity.
Language and Linguistics Compass 6/2 (2012), pp. 97–112,10.1002/lnc3.3232011

Rothstein, Susan
Counting and the mass count distinction.
Journal of Semantics. 27.3 (2010), pp. 343-397. doi 10.1093/jos/ffq007

S. Rothstein,
Structuring Events: A Study in the Semantics of Lexical Aspect.
Blackwell: Oxford 2004.

Susan Rothstein,
Predicates and their Subjects.
Kluwer: Dordrecht 2001.