Luca Stanco

Director of Research and Professor at Padova University

Fields of interest: 

Particle Physics, Experimental Physics, Neutrino Physics.


Recent publications:

M. Antonello et. al.:
Search for ‘anomalies’ from neutrino and anti-neutrino oscillations at Delta_m^2 ~ 1eV^2 with muon spectrometers and large LAr-TPC imaging detectors.
CERN-SPSC-2012-010-AND-SPSC-P-347, (2012) arXiv:1203.3432.

P. Bernardini et al.:
Prospect for Charge Current Neutrino Interactions Measurements at the CERN-PS,
CERN-SPSC-2011-030, SPSC-P-343, (2011),arXiv:1111.2242.

H. Abramowicz et al.:
Search for single-top production in $ep$ collisions at HERA.
Phys.Lett. B708, (2012), pp.27-36, arXiv:1111.3901.

N. Agafonova et al.:
Study of neutrino interactions with the electronic detectors of the OPERA experiment,
New J.Phys. 13, (2011), 053051, arXiv:1102.1882. [hep-ex]

N. Agafonova et al.:
Observation of a first $\nu_\tau$ candidate in the OPERA experiment in the CNGS beam.
Phys.Lett. B691, (2010), pp.138-145, arXiv:1006.1623.

L. Stanco:
Neutrinos Oscillations with Long-Base-Line Beams (Past, Present and very near Future),
Proceed. Conf. BEYOND 2010, (2010), p.325-338, arXiv:1006.4826.

H. Abramowicz et al.:
Measurement of beauty production in DIS and F_2^{b\bar{b}} extraction at ZEUS,
Eur.Phys.J. C69, (2010), pp. 347-360, arXiv:1005.3396 [hep-ex].

N. Agafonova et al.:
Measurement of the atmospheric muon charge ratio with the OPERA detector,  
Eur.Phys.J. C67, (2010), pp. 25-37. arXiv:1003.1907 [hep-ex].

A. Garfagnini et al.: 
The OPERA muon spectrometers.
Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A572, (2007), pp. 177-180.

R.Acquafredda et al.:
First events from the CNGS neutrino beam detected in the OPERA experiment,
New J.Phys. 8, (2006), 303, hep-ex/0611023.