Iwona Stanisławska

Head of RWC Warsaw
Plasma Physics Group
Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences
E-mail: stanis@cbk.waw.pl
Page: http://www.cbk.waw.pl/rwc

Fields of interest:

  • Space Weather


Recent publications:

L. Trichtchenko, A. Zhukov, R. van der Linden, S.M. Stankov, N. Jakowski,
I. Stanisławska, G. Juchnikowski, P. Wilkinson, G. Patterson, and A.W.P. Thomson
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Space Weather, Vol. 5, S06001, (2007), doi:10.1029/2006SW000281.

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A. Belehaki, Lj. Cander, B. Zolesi, J. Bremer, C. Juren, I. Stanisławska, D. Dialetis
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R. Stamper, A. Belehaki, D. Bureshove, Lj. R. Cander, I. Kutiev, M. Pietrella,
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