FH-Prof. Dr. Simon Tjoa

Computer Science and Technology
St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences
E-mail: Simon.Tjoa@fhstp.ac.at
Page: http://www.fhstp.ac.at/en/about-us/staff-a-z/tjoa-simon

Fields of interest

Business Process Management, Risk Management, Information Security Management, Digital Forensics, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, Business Continuity Management

Recent publications

Simon Tjoa, Patrick Kochberger, Christoph Malin, Andreas Schmoll: An Open Source Code Analyzer and Reviewer (OSCAR) Framework. ARES 2015: 511-515

Marlies Rybnicek, Simon Tjoa, Rainer Poisel: Simulation-Based Cyber-Attack Assessment of Critical Infrastructures. EOMAS@CAiSE 2014: 135-150

Moussa Ouedraogo, Chien-Ting Kuo, Simon Tjoa, David Preston, Eric Dubois, Paulo Simões, Tiago Cruz: Keeping an Eye on Your Security Through Assurance Indicators. SECRYPT 2014: 476-483

Rainer Poisel, Marlies Rybnicek, Bernhard Schildendorfer, Simon Tjoa: Classification and Recovery of Fragmented Multimedia Files using the File Carving Approach. IJMCMC 5(3): 50-67 (2013)

Rainer Poisel, Marlies Rybnicek, Simon Tjoa: Game-based Simulation of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack and Defense Mechanisms of Critical Infrastructures. AINA 2013: 114-120

Marlies Rybnicek, Rainer Poisel, Simon Tjoa: Facebook Watchdog: A Research Agenda for Detecting Online Grooming and Bullying Activities. SMC 2013: 2854-2859

Rainer Poisel, Marlies Rybnicek, Simon Tjoa: Taxonomy of Data Fragment Classification Techniques. ICDF2C 2013: 67-85

Simon Tjoa, Stefan Jakoubi, Gernot Goluch, Gerhard Kitzler, Sigrun Goluch, Gerald Quirchmayr: A Formal Approach Enabling Risk-Aware Business Process Modeling and Simulation. IEEE T. Services Computing 4(2): 153-166 (2011)

Rainer Poisel, Simon Tjoa: Roadmap to Approaches for Carving of Fragmented Multimedia Files. ARES 2011: 752-757

Rainer Poisel, Simon Tjoa, Paul Tavolato: Advanced File Carving Approaches for Multimedia Files. JoWUA 2(4): 42-58 (2011)