Francesco Stoppa

Full Professor, head of Department
Earth Sciences
G.d'Annunzio University

Responsibilities at Versita:

  • Volcanology,
  • Magmatology,
  • Igneous Geochemistry


Recent publications:

F. Stoppa, A. Jones, V.V. Sharygin:
Nyerereite from carbonatite rocks at Vulture volcano: implications for
mantle metasomatism and petrogenesis of alkali carbonate melts.
Cent. Eur. J. Geosci., 1, (2009), pp. 131-151, DOI:

F. Stoppa, G. Rosatelli:
Ultramafic intrusion triggers hydrothermal explosions at Colle Fabbri (Spoleto,
Umbria), Italy.
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 187, 1-2, (2009), pp.
85-92, doi:10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2009.08.013

F. Stoppa:
Alkaline and ultramafic lamprophyres in Italy: Distribution, mineral phases, and
bulk rock data. In: Deep-seated magmatism, its sources and plumes, Editor: Prof.
Publishing House of the Institute of Geography, (2008), SB RAS, 209-238

F. Stoppa, C. Principe, P. Giannandrea:
Comments on: Carbonatites in a subduction system: The pleistocene alvikites from
Mt. Vulture (southern Italy) by d'Orazio et al., (2007).
Lithos, v. 103, (2008), pp. 550-556

F. Stoppa:
CO2 magmatism in Italy: from deep carbon to carbonatite volcanism. In: (N.Vladkyn
Ed) Alkaline Magmatism: its source and plume, IGC,
Irkutsk, 109-126. (2007)

F. Stoppa:
The Sirente crater, Italy: impact versus mud volcano origins.
Meteoritics and Planetary Sciences, 41, (2005), pp. 467-477

F. Stoppa, G. Rosatelli, F. Wall, T. Jeffries:
Geochemistry of carbonatite – silicate pairs in nature: a case history from
Central Italy.
Lithos, 85, (2005), pp. 26-47

F. Stoppa:

Consensus and open questions about italian CO2 -driven magma from the mantle.
Periodico di Mineralogia, 72, (2003), pp. 1-8

F. Stoppa, F.E. Lloyd, G. Rosatelli:
CO2 as the propellant of carbonatite-kamafugite connate pairs and the eruption
of diatremic tuffisite.
Periodico di Mineralogia, 72, (2003), pp. 205-222

F. Stoppa, A.R. Woolley, A. Cundari:
Extension of the melilite-carbonatite province in the Apennines of Italy: the
kamafugite of Grotta del Cervo,
Abruzzo.Min. Mag., 66, (2002), pp. 555-574