Suzie Thomas

University Lecturer, Museology
Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies
University of Helsinki
Coordinating Editor of Aspects of non-professional metal detecting in Europe

Short biographical information:

Suzie Thomas is university lecturer in museology at the University of Helsinki and a Researcher on the Academy of Finland-funded project “Lapland’s Dark Heritage”. She researched the relationships between archaeologists and metal detectorists for her doctoral research at Newcastle University.

Suzie is a Co-Editor of the Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage, and has previously worked at the Council for British Archaeology and the University of Glasgow.

List of publications:

Thomas, S., Seitsonen, O., and Herva, V.-P. (accepted, in press.) Nazi memorabilia, dark heritage and treasure hunting as ‘alternative’ tourism: understanding the fascination with the material remains of World War II in Northern Finland, submitted to Journal of Field Archaeology.

Thomas, S. (2015) Collaborate, Condemn, or Ignore? Responding to Non-Archaeological Approaches to Archaeological Heritage, European Journal of Archaeology 18(2): 312-328

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