Saskia van Ruth

Business Unit Manager authenticity and nutrients/Professor food authenticity and integrity
RIKILT Wageningen UR/Wageningen University
Wageningen University and Research Centre

Fields of interest:

food analysis, food authenticity, food fraud, food quality

Recent publications:

Granato, D., Karnoop, A. R., van Ruth, S.M. (2015). Characterization and comparison of phenolic composition, antioxidant capacity and instrumental taste profile of juices from different botanical origins. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. In press, 2015. DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.6910

Capuano, E., Grevink, R., Boerrigter-Eenling, van Ruth, S.M. (2015). Fatty acid and triglycerides profiling of retail organic, conventional and “weide”milk: Implications for health and authenticity. International Dairy Journal, 42, 58-63.

van Ruth, S.M. & de Visser, R. (2015). Provenancing ornamental flowers by analytical fingerprinting: Convallaria majalis. Agriculture, 5, 17-29.

Kuś, P., van Ruth, S.M. (2015). Discrimination of Polish unifloral honeys using overall PTR-MS and HPLC fingerprints combined with chemometrics. LWT – Food Science and Technology 62, 69-75.

Tres, A., Heenan, S., van Ruth, S.M. (2014). Authentication of dried distilled grain with solubles (DDGS) by fatty acid and volatile profiling. LWT Food Science and Technology, 59, 215-221.

Zielinski, A., Haminiuk, C., Nunes, C., Schnitzler, E., van Ruth, S.M., Granato, D., (2014). Chemical composition, sensory properties, provenance and bioactivity of fruit juices as assessed by chemometrics: a critical review and guideline. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 13, 300-316.

Ruiz Samblas, C., Arrebola-Pascual, C., Tres, A., van Ruth, S.M. & Cuadros-Rodriguez, L. (2013). Authentication of geographical origin of palm oil by chromatographic fingerprinting of triacylglycerols and partial least square discriminant analysis. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 116, 788-793.

Özdestan, Ö, van Ruth, S.M., Alewijn, M., Koot, A., Romano, A., Cappellin, L. & Biasioli, F. (2013). Characterization of special production coffees by Proton Transfer Reaction-Mass Spectrometry. Food Research International, 53, 433-439.

Dimitri, G., van Ruth, S.M., Sacchettia, G., Pivaa, A., Alewijn, M. & Arfelli, G. (2013). PTR-MS monitoring of volatiles fingerprint evolution during grape must cooking. LWT Food Science and Technology, 51, 356-360.

Capuano, E. & van Ruth, S.M. (2013). Analytical authentication of organic produce: an overview of markers. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 93, 12-28.