Adam Szymkiewicz

assistant professor
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department of Geotechnics, Geology and Marine Engineering
Gdańsk University of Technology

Fields of interest

  • unsaturated and multiphase flow in heterogeneous porous media
  • upscaling techniques
  • numerical methods
  • flow in porous media


Recent publications

A. Szymkiewicz and R. Helmig:
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Adv. Water Resour., Vol. 34, (2011), pp. 1012-1025, doi:10.1016/j.advwatres.2011.05.011.

A. Szymkiewicz, R. Helmig and H. Eichel H. Kuhnke:
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Transport Porous Med., Vol 86, (2011), pp. 27-47, doi:10.1007/s11242-010-9604-x.

A. Szymkiewicz:
“Approximation of internodal conductivities in numerical simulation of one-dimensional infiltration, drainage and capillary rise in unsaturated soils”,
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A. Szymkiewicz, J. Lewandowska, R. Angulo-Jaramillo and J. Butlańska:
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A. Szymkiewicz, J. Lewandowska, R. Angulo-Jaramillo and P. Lutz:
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