Edward Taub

University Professor // Director, CI Therapy Research Group and Taub Training Clinic
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
E-mail: etaub@uab.edu
Page: http://www.CItherapy.net

Fields of interest: 



Sensory-Motor Systems


Recent publications:

Gauthier, L. V., Taub, E., Mark, V. W., Barghi, A., & Uswatte, G. (2012):
Atrophy of spared grey matter tissue predicts poorer motor recovery and rehabilitation response in chronic stroke.
Stroke, 43,453-457.

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Journal of Child Neurology, 26, 1163-1173.

Taub, E., & Uswatte, G. (2009):
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Handbook of Neuroscience for the Behavioral Sciences.

Gauthier, L. V., Taub, E., Perkins, C., Ortmann, M., Mark, V. W., & Uswatte, G. (2008):
 Remodeling the brain:  plastic structural brain changes produced by different motor therapies after stroke. 
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Guest Co-Editors, issue of NeuroRehabilitation devoted to CI therapy.
NeuroRehabilitation,21 (2).

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The learned nonuse phenomenon: Implications for rehabilitation.
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