Roman Teisseyre

Institute of Geophysics
Polish Academy of Sciences

Fields of interest:

  • Seismology
  • Continuum theories
  • General Relativity


Recent publications:

R. Teisseyre, H. Nagahama and E. Majewski (eds.):
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R. Teisseyre:

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Acta Geophys. Pol
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R. Teisseyre, M. Białecki and M. Górski:

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R. Teisseyre, J. Suchcicki, K.P. Teisseyre, J. Wiszniowski and P. Palangio:

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Annals of Geophysics
, Vol. 46, (2003), pp. 671-685.

R. Teisseyre and E. Majewski:
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