Beverly J. Tepper

Food Science Department, Sensory Evaluation Laboratory
School of Environmental & Biological Sciences - Rutgers University

Fields of interest: 

Sensory perception and consumer testing
Food intake regulation
Taste perception and food choice


Recent publications:

Belzer LM, Smulian J, Lu S, Tepper BJ:
Changes in sweet taste across pregnancy in mild gestational diabetes: Relationship to leptin and insulin.
Chemical Senses(2009), 34, 595-605.

Tepper BJ, Williams TZA, Burgess JR, Antalis CJ, Mattes RD:
Genetic variation in bitter taste and plasma markers of anti-oxidant status in college women.
International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition(2008), 15; 1-11.

Tepper BJ,Koelliker Y, Zhao L, Ullrich NV, Lanzara C, d’Adamo P, Ferrara A, Ulivi S, Esposito L, Gasparini P:
Variation in the bitter-taste receptor gene TAS2R38 and adiposity in an inbred population in Italy.
Obesity, (2008), 16; 2289-2295.

Yeomans MR, Tepper BJ, Rietzschel J, Prescott J:
Human hedonic responses to sweetness: role of taste genetics and anatomy.
Physiology & Behavior, (2007), 91; 264-273.

Books and Book Chapters:
Tepper BJ, White EA, Koelliker Y, Lanzara C, d’Adamo P, Gasparini P:
Genetic variation in taste sensitivity to 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP) and its relationship to taste perception and food selection.
Annals NY Academy of Sciences(2009), 1170; 126-139.

Tepper BJ: 
Nutritional implications of genetic taste variation: the role of PROP sensitivity and other taste phenotypes.
Annual Review of Nutrition(2008), 28; 367-88.

Worobey J, Tepper BJ, Kanarek RB:
Nutrition and Behavior: A Multidisciplinary Approach.
Wallingford, UK:CABI Publishing (2006),  (288 pages).