Olle Terenius

Associate Professor
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
E-mail: olle.terenius@slu.se
Page: http://www.slu.se/ecology/olleterenius

Fields of interest: 

insect immunity, infectious diseases, paratransgenesis, disease transmission


Recent publications:

Terenius O, Lindh JM, Eriksson-Gonzales K, Bussière L, Laugen AT, Bergquist H, Titanji K, Faye I:
Midgut bacterial dynamics in Aedes aegypti.
FEMS Microbiology Ecology, (2012) in press.

Terenius O, et al.:
RNA interference in Lepidoptera: an overview of successful and unsuccessful studies and implications for experimental design.
Journal of Insect Physiology, 57, (2011): 231-245.

Terenius O, Popham HJR, Shelby KS:
Bacterial, but not baculoviral infections stimulate Hemolin expression in Helicoverpa zea and Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae).
Developmental & Comparative Immunology, 33, (2009): 1176-1185.

Terenius O, Marinotti O, Sieglaff D, James AA:
Molecular genetic manipulation of vector mosquitoes.
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Terenius O:
Hemolin—A lepidopteran anti-viral defense factor?
Developmental & Comparative Immunology 32: 311-316.

Terenius O, de Oliveira CD, Pinheiro WD, Tadei WP, James AA, Marinotti O:
16S rRNA gene sequences from bacteria associated with adult Anopheles darlingi (Diptera: Culicidae) mosquitoes.
Journal of Medical Entomology, 45, (2008): 172-175.

Terenius O, Bettencourt R, Lee SY, Li W, Söderhäll K, Faye I:
RNA interference of Hemolin causes depletion of phenoloxidase activity in Hyalophora cecropia.
Developmental & Comparative Immunology, 31, (2007): 571-575.

Lindh JM, Terenius O, Faye I:
16S rRNA Gene-based identification of midgut bacteria from field-caught Anopheles gambiae sensu lato and A. funestus mosquitoes reveals new species related to known insect symbionts.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 71, (2005): 7217-7223.

Li W, Terenius O, Hirai M, Nilsson AS, Faye I:
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Developmental & Comparative Immunology, 29, (2005): 853-864.

Hirai M, Terenius O, Li W, Faye I:
Baculovirus and dsRNA induce Hemolin, but not anti-bacterial activity, in Antheraea pernyi.
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Parasite-specific immune response in adult Drosophila melanogaster: a genomic study.
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