Thomas Graham

Research & Development Manager, Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility
School of Environmental Sciences
University of Guelph

Fields of interest:

Controlled environments; Bioregenerative life-support; Closed-loop agriculture; irrigation water remediation; space plant biology; plant imaging

Recent publications:

Graham, T. R. Scorza, R. Wheeler, B.J. Smith, C. Dardick, A. Dixit, D. Raines, A. Callahan, C. Srinivasan, L. Spencer, J. Richards, G.W. Stutte. (2015) Over-Expression of FT1 in Plum (Prunus domestica) Results in Phenotypes Compatible with Spaceflight: A Potential New Candidate Crop for Bio-regenerative Life-Support Systems. Gravitational and Space Research, 3(1):39-50.

Massa, G., T. Graham, T. Haire, C. Flemming, G. Newsham, R. Wheeler. (2015). Light-emitting Diode Light Transmission through Leaf Tissue of Seven Different Crops. HortScience 50(3):501–506. Note: Massa & Graham co-first authors

Graham, T. and M.A. Dixon. (2012) Liverwort Control: An Ancillary Function for Ozone-based Irrigation Water Treatment Systems? HortScience. 47(3):361-367.

Graham, T., P. Zhang, and M.A. Dixon. (2012) Closing in on upper limits for root zone aqueous ozone application in mineral wool hydroponic tomato culture. Sci. Hortic. 143:151–156.

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Graham, T., P. Zhang, Y. Zheng, M. Dixon. (2009) Phytotoxicity of aqueous ozone on five container-grown nursery species. HortScience 44(3):774-780.

Paul, A.L., M. Bamsey, A. Berinstain, S. Braham, P. Neron, T. Murdoch, T, Graham, R. Ferl. (2008). Deployment of a prototype plant GFP imager at the Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse of the Haughton Mars Project. Sensors (8): 2762–2773.

Bejan, D., T. Graham, and N.J. Bunce. (2013) Chemical methods for the remediation of ammonia in poultry rearing facilities: A review. Biosystems Engineering, 115(3):230–243.

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Abboud, T., A. Berinstain, M. Bamsey, R. Ferl, A-L. Paul, T. Graham, M. Dixon, D. Leonardos, M. Stasiak, and R. Noumeir. (2013) Multispectral Plant Health Imaging System for Space Biology and Hypobaric Plant Growth Studies. Insciences J. 3 (2): 24–44.