Ulrich Theopold

Molecular Biology & Functional Genomics
Stockholm University
E-mail: uli@molbio.su.se
Page: http://www.molbio.su.se/research/ulrich-theopold-1.61403

Fields of interest: 

Insect immunity, insect pathogenic nematodes, cellular immunity, phenoloxidase, hemolymph coagulation, secretion


Recent publications:

Dobes P, Wang Z, Markus R, Theopold U, Hyrsl, P:
An improved method for nematode infection assays in Drosophila larvae.
FLY, 6(2), (2012): 1-5.

Loof TG, Mörgelin M, Johansson L, Oehmcke S, Olin AI, Dickneite G, Norrby-Teglund A, Theopold U, Herwald H:
Coagulation, an ancestral serine protease cascade, exerts a novel function in early immune defense.
Blood, 118, (2011): 2589-2598.

Hyrsl P, Dobes P, Wang Z, Hauling T, Wilhelmsson C, Theopold U:
Clotting factors and eicosanoids protect against nematode infections.
J. Inn. Imm., 3, (2011): 65-70.

Loof TG, Schmidt O, Herwald H, Theopold U:
Coagulation systems of invertebrates and vertebrates and their roles in innate immunity: the same side of two coins?
J Inn Imm., 3, (2011): 34-40.

Wang Z, Wilhelmsson C, Hyrsl P, Loof TG, Dobes P, Klupp M, Loseva O, Mörgelin M, Iklé J, Cripps RM, Herwald H, Theopold U:
Pathogen Entrapment by Transglutaminase – A Conserved Early Innate Immune Mechanism.
PLoS Pathogens, 6, (2010): e1000763.

Theopold U:
A bad boy comes good.
Nature, 461, (2009): 486-487.

Bidla G, Hauling T, Dushay M-S, Theopold U:
Activation of Insect Phenoloxidase after Injury: Endogenous versus Foreign Elicitors.
J. Innate Immun., (2009): 301-308.

Bidla G, Dushay MD, Theopold U:
Crystal cell rupture after injury in Drosophila requires the JNK pathway, small GTPases and the TNF homolog Eiger.
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Scherfer C, Qazi MR, Takahashi K, Ueda R, Dushay MS, Theopold U, Lemaitre B:
The Toll immune-regulated Drosophila protein Fondue is involved in hemolymph clotting and puparium formation.
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