Tim Liao

Department of Sociology
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
E-mail: tfliao@illinois.edu
Page: http://www.sociology.illinois.edu/people/tfliao/liao.html

Fields of interest

Comparative & Historical Family Studies, Collective Memory, Demography, Methodology


Recent publications

Hennig, C., and T.F. Liao. Forthcoming.
“How to Find an Appropriate Clustering for Mixed Type Variables with Application to Socioeconomic Stratification” (with discussions).
Journal of Royal Statistical Society Series C.

Liao, T.F. Forthcoming in 2012.
“Group Differences in Generalized Linear Models.” Chapter 10 in Handbook of Causal Analysis for Social Research,
edited by Stephen L. Morgan, New York: Springer.

Liao, T.F., J. Beckman, E. Marzolph, C. Riederer, J. Sayer, and L. Schmelkin. Forthcoming in November 2012.
“The Social Definition of Time for University Students.”
Time & Society 20(2): xxx-xxx.

Liao, T.F., and B. Özcan. Forthcoming in September 2012.
“Family Forms among First and Second Generation Immigrants in Metropolitan America, 1960-2009.”
Pp. xxx-xxx in Immigrant Adaptation in Multi-Ethnic Cities: Canada, Taiwan, and the U.S., edited by Eric Fong, Nora Chiang, and Nancy Denton. London: Routledge.

Liao, T.F., A. Rule, R. Ardisana, A. Knicher, A. Mayo, and C. Sarcu. 2012.
“Social Behavior in Public Spaces in a College Town.”
Sociology & Space 50(1): 3-26.

Liao, T.F., and H. Qin. 2012.
“Population Growth, Available Resources, and Quality of Life: China’s Post-Reform Economic Development.”
Chinese Journal of Population, Resources and Environment 10(2): 67-77.

Liao, T.F. 2012.
“统计人口学” (Statistical Demography). 
Pp. 317-342 (Chapter 12) in Frontiers of Demography, edited by Zai Liang, Beijing: Renmin University Press.

Liao, T.F., G. Zhang, and L. Zhang. 2011.
“Social Foundations of National Anthems: Theorizing for a Better Understanding of the Changing fate of the National Anthem of China.”
Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 42(1): 106-127.