Theo Niewold

Professor Nutrition and Health
University of Leuven

Fields of interest:

pathophysiology, host-pathogen interaction, mucosal immunity, innate immunity and inflammation, functional food/feed, alternatives to antibiotics, (intestinal) genomics, proteomics, and biomarkers in monogastrics.

Recent publications:

van den Borne J, Heetkamp M, Buyse J, Niewold T. Fat coating of Ca butyrate results in extended butyrate release in the gastrointestinal tract of broilers. Livestock Sci. 175: 96-100, 2015

Smeets N, Nuyens F, Niewold T, Van Campenhout L. Temperature resistance of xylanase inhibitors and the presence of grain-associated xylanases affect the activity of exogenous xylanases added to pelleted wheat-based feeds. Cereal Chem 91: 572–577, 2014

Khadem A, Soler L, Everaert N, Niewold TA. Growth promotion in broilers by both oxytetracycline and Macleaya cordata extract is based on their anti-inflammatory properties. Br J Nutr 112: 1110-1118, 2014

Niewold TA. Why anti-inflammatory compounds are the solution for the problem with in feed antibiotics. Qual Assur Saf Crop Foods 6: 119-122, 2014

Verhelst R, Schroyen M, Buys N, Niewold T. Dietary polyphenols reduce diarrhea in enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) infected post-weaning piglets. Livestock Sci 160: 138–140, 2014

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Verhelst R, Schroyen M, Buys N, Niewold T. E. coli heat labile toxin (LT) inactivation by specific polyphenols is aggregation dependent. Vet Microbiol 163: 319-324, 2013

Niewold TA. About hot chicks, a new acute mortality syndrome most likely caused by fatal hyperthermia as a consequence of mitochondrial uncoupling. Poult Sci 92: 847-848, 2013

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