Dimitrios Tsoulis

Associate Professor
Department of Geodesy and Surveying
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki
E-mail: tsoulis@topo.auth.gr
Page: http://users.auth.gr/~tsoulis/

Fields of interest

  • Potential theory, gravity field modeling
  • Satellite methods, geodetic data analysis and interpretation

Recent publications

D. Tsoulis, N. Gonindard, O. Jamet and J. Verdun:
Recursive algorithms for the computation of the potential harmonic coefficients of a constant density polyhedron,
Journal of Geodesy, 83, 925-942 (2009).

D. Tsoulis, P. Novák and M. Kadlec:
Evaluation of precise terrain effects using high resolution digital elevation models,
Journal of Geophysical Research (Solid Earth), 114, B02404, doi:10.1029/2008JB005639 (2009).

D. Tsoulis and B. Stary:
An isostatic compensated gravity model using spherical layer distributions,
Journal of Geodesy, 78, 418-424 (2005).

D. Tsoulis:
Spherical harmonic analysis of the CRUST 2.0 global crustal model,
Journal of Geodesy, 78, 7-11 (2004).

D. Tsoulis, H. Wziontek and S. Petrovic:
A bilinear approximation of the surface relief in terrain correction computations,
Journal of Geodesy, 77, 338-344 (2003).

D. Tsoulis:
Numerical investigations in the analytical and semi-analytical computation of gravimetric terrain effects,
Studia geophysica et geodaetica, 47, 481-494 (2003).

D. Tsoulis:
Terrain modeling in forward gravimetric problems: a case study on local terrain effects,
Journal of Applied Geophysics, 54, 145-160 (2003).

D. Tsoulis:
A comparison between the Airy/Heiskanen and the Pratt/Hayford isostatic models for the computation of potential harmonic coefficients,
Journal of Geodesy, 74, 637-643 (2001).

D. Tsoulis and S. Petrovic:
On the singularities of the gravity field of a homogeneous polyhedral body,
Geophysics, 66, 535-539 (2001).

D. Tsoulis:
Terrain correction computations for a densely sampled DTM in the Bavarian Alps,
Journal of Geodesy, 75, 291-307 (2001).