Gunther Uhlmann

Department of Mathematics
University of Washington

Fields of interest:

Inverse Problems

Partial Differential Equations

Microlocal Analysis

Scattering Theory


Recent publications:

C.-L. Lin, G. Uhlmann and J.-N. Wang:
Optimal Three-Ball Inequalities and Quantitative Uniqueness for the Stokes system
DCDS-A (Special issue dedicated to Professor Louis Nirenberg on the occasion of his 85th birthday), Vol 28 (2010), 1273-1290.

N. Dairbekov and G. Uhlmann:
Reconstructing the Metric and Magnetic Field from the Scattering Relation
Inverse Problems and Imaging, 4 (2010), 397-409.

O. Imanuvilov, G. Uhlmann and M. Yamamoto:
The Calderon Problem with Partial Data in Two Dimensions.
Journal American Math. Society, 23 (2010), 655-691.

Y. Kurylev, M. Lassas and G. Uhlmann:
Rigidity of Broken Geodesic Flow and Inverse Problems
American Journal of Math, 132 (2010), 529-562.

X. Li and G. Uhlmann:
Inverse Problems on a Slab,
Inverse Problems and Imaging, 4 (2010), 449-462.

L. Paivarinta, M. Salo and G. Uhlmann:
Inverse Scattering for the Magnetic Schroedinger Equation,
J. Funct. Anal., 259 (2010), 1771-1798.

D. Dos Santos Ferreira, C. Kenig, J. Sjöstrand and G. Uhlmann:
On the Linearized Local Calderon Problem,
Math Research Letters, 16 (2009), 955-970.