Michael T. Ullman

Georgetown University
E-mail: michael@georgetown.edu
Page: http://brainlang.georgetown.edu

Fields of interest:

Neurocognition of language and memory


Recent publications:

Morgan-Short, K. and Ullman, M. T. (To Appear):
The Neurocognition of Second Language. In A. Mackey & S. Gass (eds.), Handbook of Second Language Acquisition. Rutledge.

Ullman, M.T. (To Appear):
The declarative/procedural model. In P. Robinson (Ed.), Routledge Encyclopedia of Second Language Acquisition. Routledge.

Ullman, M.T. (In Press):
The declarative/procedural moedel of language. In H. Pashler (Ed.), Encyclopedia of the Mind. Sage Publications, Los Angeles.

Steinhauer, K., Drury, J.E., Portner, P., Walenski, M., Ullman, M.T. (2010):
Syntax, Concepts, and Logic in the Temporal Dynamics of Language Comprehension: Evidence from Event-Related Potentials. Neuropsychologia, 48. 1525-1542

Bowden, H.W., Gelfand, M.P., Sanz, C., Ullman, M.T. (2010):
Verbal Inflectional Morphology in L1 and L2 Spanish: A Frequency Effects Study Examining Storage versus Composition. Language Learning, 60(1). 44-87.

Morgan-Short, K., Sanz, C., Steinhauer, K., Ullman, M.T. (2010):
Second Language Acquisition of Gender Agreement in Explicit and Implicit Training Conditions: An Event-Related Potential Study. Language Learning, 60(1). 154-193.

Prado, E.L., S. Hartini, A. Rahmawati; E. Ismayani, A. Hidayati, N.l Hikmah, H.Muadz, PhD, M.S Apriatni; M.T Ullman, A.H Shankar, K.J Alcock (2010):
Test selection, adaptation, and evaluation: three critical steps to assess nutritional influences on child development in developing countries. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 80. 31-53.[The linked pdf is identical in content to the article published in the journal. For a pdf of the latter, please email michael@georgetown.edu]

Walenski, M., Weickert, T.W., Maloof, C.J., Ullman, M.T. (2010):
Grammatical processing in schizophrenia: Evidence from morphology. Neuropsychologia, 48. 262-269.

Nemeth, D., Janacsek, K., Londe, Z., Ullman, M.T., Howard, D.V., Howard Jr., J.H. (2010):
Sleep has no critical role in implicit motor sequence learning in young and old adults. Experimental Brain Research, 201. 351-358

Skelley, S.L., R.A. Miranda, M.T. Ullman, J.A. Apud, D.R. Weinberger and B. Elvevaag. (2009):
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