Veronica della Dora

Senior Lecturer in Geographies of Knowledge
School of Geographical Sciences
University of Bristol (UK)

Fields of interest

Cultural and historical geography
Landscape studies
History of cartography
Sacred geographies
Science studies
Byzantine and post-Byzantine studies
Eastern Mediterranean


Recent publications

Della Dora, V.
‘Mapping “Melancholy-Pleasing Remains”: Morea as a Renaissance Memory Theater’, in S. Gerstel ed. Viewing the Morea: Land and People in the Late Medieval Peloponnese.
Washington DC: Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, pp. 455-75, 2013.

Della Dora, V.
‘Setting and blurring boundaries: pilgrims, tourists, and landscape in Mount Athos and Meteora’, 
Annals of Tourism Research, 39: 951-74, 2012.

Della Dora, V.
‘Windows on Heaven (and Earth): The Poetics and Politics of Post-Byzantine “Cartographic Icons”’,
Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures, 38(1): 84-112, 2012.

Della Dora, V. and T. Terkenli
‘Cultural Geographies’,
in I. Vogiatzakis ed., Mediterranean Mountain Environments. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 137-57, 2012.

Della Dora, V.
‘Anti-Landscapes: Caves and Apophasis in the Christian East’,
Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 29(5): 761-79, 2011.

Della Dora, V. 
‘Engaging Sacred Space: Experiments in the Field’,
Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 35(2): 163-84, 2011.

Della Dora, V.
Imagining Mount Athos: Visions of a Holy Place from Homer to the Second World War (with a foreword by David Lowenthal).
Charlottesville: Virginia University Press, 2011. 

Della Dora, V. 
‘Circulating Sacred Place:Fin-de-siècle Russian Cards of Mount Athos as Traveling Object-Icons’.
Brace, C. et als. Emerging Geographies of Belief, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 168-192, 2011.

Della Dora, V., S. Digby and B. Basdas (eds).
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