Jan Veizer

Distinguished University Professor
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Ottawa
E-mail: jveizer@uottawa.ca
Page: http://www.science.uottawa.ca/~veizer/default.html

Fields of interest:

  • theoretical and practical development of chemical and isotopic techniques for studies of diagenesis in
  • development of isotopic curves (Sr, C, O, and to a degree S) for past
  • development of the quantitative concepts of recycling for the terrestrial exogenic system, including continental crust and
  • quantification of biogeochemical cycles in riverine systems.


Recent publications:

C. Korte, P.J. Jones, U. Brand, D. Mertmann and J. Veizer:
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Palaeogeography, Paleoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Vol. 269, (2008), pp. 1-16

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Geological Magazine, Vol. 145, (2008), pp. 609-622

J. Veizer: 
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A. Kouchinsky, S. Bengtson, Y. Gallet, I. Korovnikov, V. Pavlov, B. Runnegar, G. Shields, J. Veizer, E. Young and K. Ziegler: 
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Pangea, (2008), doi:10.1594/PANGEA.687608

A. Karim, J. Veizer and J. Barth: 
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Global and Planetary Change, Vol. 61, (2007), pp. 15-27

H. Freitag, P.R. Ferguson, K. Dubois, E.K. Hayford, von V. Vorztzogbe and J. Veizer:
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