Alexei Verkhratsky

Professor of Neurophysiology
School of Biological Sciences
University of Manchester, UK

Fields of interest:

Mechanisms of calcium signalling in neurones and glial cells, physiology of neuronal-glial interactions, and mechanisms of intercellular signalling in the CNS


Recent publications:

Olabarria M, Noristani HN, Verkhratsky A, Rodriguez JJ (2011):
Age‐dependent decrease in glutamine synthetase expression in the hippocampal astroglia of the triple transgenic Alzheimerʹs disease mouse model: Mechanism for deficient glutamatergic transmission?
Mol Neurodeg, 6: 55.

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Aging Cell 10: 392‐402.

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Neuroglial roots of neurodegenerative diseases?
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Ca2+ sources for the exocytotic release of glutamate from astrocytes.
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