James C. Vickers

Professor of Pathology, PhD
NeuroRepair Group, Menzies Research Institute
University of Tasmania
E-mail: james.vickers@utas.edu.au
Page: http://fcms.its.utas.edu.au/healthsci/medicine/pagedetails.asp?lpersonId=1058


Fields of interest:

Cellular basis of the degeneration and regeneration of the nervous system

Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, motor neuron disease, glaucoma and brain trauma



Recent publications:

Chung R. S., Howells C., Eaton E. D., Shabala L., Zovo K., Palumaa P., Sillard R., Woodhouse A., Bennett W. R., Ray S., Vickers J. C., West A. K.:

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Initial calcium release from intracellular stores followed by calcium dysregulation is linked to secondary axotomy following transient axonal stretch injury

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Blizzard C. A., King A. E., Haas M. A., O'Toole D. A., Vickers J. C., Dickson T. C.:

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Brain Res. 2009; 1300: 24-36.


Vickers J. C., King A. E., Woodhouse A., Kirkcaldie M. T., Staal J. A., McCormack G. H., Blizzard C. A., Musgrove R. E., Mitew S., Liu Y., Chuckowree J. A., Bibari O., Dickson T. C.:

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