Professor, Doctor of Social sciences, Education & PhD of Health sciences, Nursing
Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health sciences
Klaipeda State College

Fields of interest

Applied Philosophy in Social and Health Professions in Higher Education; Competence Development and Evaluation in Various Working and Learning Environments; Professional Identity Development in Higher Education Studies; Teamwork; Research in Caring, Nursing and Social Work of Children and Adults with Chronic and Incurable Diseases; Qualitative Research Methodologies, Multidisciplinary and Multiprofessional Research in Social and Health Care; Leadership, Values and Ethical dilemmas in Nursing and Education.

Recent publications

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Minelgaite Snaebjornsson, I., Runar Edvardsson, I.,  Zydziunaite, V., Vaiman, V. (2015). Cross-Cultural Leadership: Expectations on Gendered Leaders’ Behavior. SAGE Open, 
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