Valerii Vinokur

Senior Scientist
Materials Theory Institute
Argonne National Laboratory

Fields of interest:

  • Dynamics of disordered media, nonequilibrium stochastic dynamics
  • Disordered superconductors: flux pinning, flux dynamics and related phenomena
  • Mesoscopic superconductivity and magnetism, spintronics, coupled magneto-superconducting nanostructures
  • Electronic transport in quantum and low-dimensional systems


Recent publications:

Y.M. Galperin, B.L. Altshuler, J. Bergli, D. Shantsev and V. Vinokur:
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Phys. Rev. B
, Vol. 76, (2007), 064531.

A. Zharov, A. Lopatin, A.E. Koshelev and V.M. Vinokur:

Microscopic Theory of Thermal Phase Slips in Clean Narrow Superconducting Wires,

Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol. 98, (2007), 197005.

A. Glatz, V.M. Vinokur and Y.M. Galperin:

Statistics of Deep Energy States in Coulomb Glasses,
Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol. 98, (2007), 196401.

I.S. Beloborodov, A.V. Lopatin, V.M. Vinokur and K.B. Efetov:

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A.V. Lopatin and V.M. Vinokur:

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M.N. Kiselev, K. Kikoin, R.I. Shekhter and V.M. Vinokur:

Kondo shuttling in a nanoelectromechanical single-electron transistor,

Phys. Rev. B
, Vol. 74, (2006), 233403.

A. Gurevich and V. M. Vinokur:

Phase textures induced by dc-current pair breaking in weakly coupled multilayer structures and two-gap superconductors,

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I.S. Beloborodov, Y.V. Fominov, A.V. Lopatin and V.M. Vinokur:

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