Vishal Verma

Research Scientist
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology

Fields of interest:

Atmospheric aerosols, Air pollution and its health effects

Recent publications:

Verma, V., Rico-Martinez, R., Kotra, N., Rennolds, C., King, L., Liu, J., Snell, T., Weber, J. 2013.
Estimating the toxicity of ambient fine aerosols using freshwater rotifer Brachionus calyciflorus (Rotifera: Monogononta),
Environmental Pollution 182, 379-384.

Verma, V., Rico-Martinez, R., Kotra, N., King, L., Liu, J., Snell, T., Weber, J. 2012.
Contribution of water-soluble and insoluble species and their hydrophobic/hydrophilic sub-fractions in the ROS generating potential of ambient atmospheric aerosols.
Environmental Science and Technology, 46 (20), 11384–11392.

Verma, V., Pakbin, P., Cheung, K.L., Cho, A.K., Schauer, J.J, Shafer, M.M, Kleinman, M.T., and Sioutas, C., 2010.
Physicochemical and oxidative characteristics of semi-volatile components of quasi-ultrafine particles in an urban atmosphere.
Atmospheric Environment, 45 (4), 1025-1033.

Verma, V., Shafer, M.M., Schauer, J.J. and Sioutas, C., 2010.
Contribution of transition metals in the reactive oxygen species activity of PM emissions from retrofitted heavy-duty vehicles.
Atmospheric Environment, 44 (39), 5165-5173.

Moore, K.F., Verma, V., Minguillon, M.C., Sioutas, C., 2010.
Inter- and intra-community variability in continuous coarse particulate matter (PM10-2.5) concentrations in the Los Angeles area.
Aerosol Science and Technology 44 (7), 526-540.

Verma, V., Ning, Z., Cho, A.K., Schauer, J.J., Shafer, M.M., Sioutas, C., 2009.
Redox activity of urban quasi-ultrafine particles from primary and secondary sources.
Atmospheric Environment 43 (40), 6360-6368.

Biswas, S., Verma, V., Schauer, J.J., Cassee, F.R., Cho, A.K., Sioutas, C., 2009.
Oxidative potential of semi-volatile and non-volatile particulate matter (PM) from heavy-duty vehicles retrofitted with emission control technologies.
Environmental Science & Technology 43 (10), 3905-3912.

Verma, V., Polidori, A., Schauer, J.J., Shafer, M.M., Cassee, F.R., Sioutas, C., 2009.
Physicochemical and toxicological profiles of particulate matter in Los Angeles during the October 2007 southern California wildfires.
Environmental Science & Technology 43 (3), 954-960.

Biswas, S., Verma, V., Schauer, J.J., Sioutas, C., 2009.
Chemical speciation of PM emissions from heavy-duty diesel vehicles equipped with diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) retrofits.
Atmospheric Environment 43 (11), 1917-1925.

Biswas, S., Hu, S.H., Verma, V., Herner, J.D., Robertson, W.H., Ayala, A., Sioutas, C., 2008.
Physical properties of particulate matter (PM) from late model heavy-duty diesel vehicles operating with advanced PM and NOx emission control technologies.
Atmospheric Environment 42 (22), 5622-5634.