Nils Walter

Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
University of Michigan

Fields of interest: 

Single-Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy

Folding and Function of Non-Coding RNA

Live-Cell Imaging

Biophysical Chemistry of Nucleic Acids

Chemical Biology


Recent publications:

R.A. Rawlings, V. Krishnan, N.G. Walter:
Viral RNAi suppressor reversibly binds siRNA to outcompete Dicer and RISC via multiple-turnover. 
Journal of Molecular Biology (2011) 408, 262-276

S.E. McDowell, J.M. Jun, N.G. Walter:
Loop-loop interactions enhance both structural dynamics and cleavage activity in single hammerhead ribozymes.
RNA (2010) 16, 2414-2426

K. Lund, A.J. Manzo, N. Dabby, N. Michelotti, A. Johnson-Buck, J. Nangreave, S. Taylor, R. Pei, M.N.Stojanovic, N.G. Walter, E. Winfree, H. Yan:
Molecular robots guided by prescriptive landscapes. 
Nature (2010) 465, 206-210 [Highlighted in Nature News & Views (2010) 465, 167-168 and as UM News Release May 12, 2010]

J. Abelson, M. Blanco, M.A. Ditzler, F. Fuller, P. Aravamudhan, M. Wood, T. Villa, D.E. Ryan, J.A. Pleiss, C. Maeder, C. Guthrie, N.G. Walter:
Conformational dynamics of single pre-mRNA molecules in spliceosome assembly. 
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (2010) 17, 504-512 [Highlighted as UM News Release March 21, 2010]

M.A. Ditzler, M. Otyepka, J. Šponer, N.G. Walter:
Molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics of RNA: Conformational and chemical change we can believe in.
Account of Chemical Research (2010) 40, 40-47

N.G. Walter:
The blessing and curse of RNA dynamics: past, present, and future.
Methods (2009) 49, 85-86

M.A. Ditzler, D. Rueda, J. Mo, K. Håkansson, N.G. Walter:
A rugged free energy landscape separates multiple functional RNA folds throughout denaturation.
Nucleic Acids Research (2008) 36, 7088-7099

H.M. Al-Hashimi, N.G. Walter:
RNA dynamics: it is about time.
Current Opinion in Structural Biology (2008) 18, 321-329 [Editorial comments in Current Opinion in Structural Biology (2008) 18, 279-281]

N.G. Walter, C. Huang, A.J. Manzo, M.A. Sobhy:
Do-it-yourself guide: How to use the modern single molecule toolkit.
Nature Methods (2008) 5, 475-489 [Editorial comments in Nature Methods (2008) 5, 457]

N.G. Walter:
Ribozyme catalysis revisited: Is water involved?
Molecular Cell (2007) 28, 923-929

D. Rueda, G. Bokinsky, M.M. Rhodes, M.J. Rust, X. Zhuang, N.G. Walter:
Single-molecule enzymology of RNA: Essential functional groups impact catalysis from a distance.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (2004) 101, 10066-10071 [Highlighted as UM News Release June 29, 2004]

X. Zhuang, H. Kim, M.J.B. Pereira, H.P. Babcock, N.G. Walter, S. Chu:
Coupling of structural dynamics and function in single ribozyme molecules.
Science (2002) 296, 1473-1476