Zoltan Weber

Head of department, senior researcher
Theoretical Department
Seismological Observatory, Budapest, Hungary
E-mail: weber@seismology.hu
Page: http://webseis.seismology.hu

Fields of interest:

  • geophysical inverse theory;
  • seismic tomography;
  • earthquake source parameters;
  • forward and inverse modelling of seismic waveforms;
  • tectonics of the Pannonian basin


Recent publications:

Z. Wéber: 
Probabilistic local waveform inversion for moment tensor and hypocentral location, 
Geophys. J. Int., Vol. 165, (2006), pp. 607-621

Z. Wéber: 
Probabilistic waveform inversion for focal parameters of local earthquakes, 
Acta Geod. Geoph. Hung., Vol. 40, (2005), pp. 229-239

Z. Wéber: 
Bootstrap inversion of local earthquake data in the Pannonian basin, 
Geophysical Transactions, Vol. 44, (2004), pp. 221-239

Z. Wéber: 
Imaging Pn velocities beneath the Pannonian basin, 
Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., Vol. 129, (2002), pp. 283-300

Z. Wéber: 
Optimizing model parameterization in 2D linearized seismic traveltime tomography, 
Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., Vol. 124, (2001), pp. 33-43

Z. Wéber: 
Seismic traveltime tomography: a simulated annealing approach, 
Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., Vol. 119, (2000), pp. 149-159