Frank Wilczek

Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

Fields of interest:

  • Particle physics
  • Behavior of matter at ultra-high temperature and/or density
  • Application of insights from particle physics to cosmology


Recent publications:

F. Wilczek:
Nobel Lecture: Asymptotic Freedom: From Paradox to Paradigm,
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F. Wilczek:
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A. Selem and F. Wilczek:
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New trends in HERA physics Proceedings of the Ringberg Workshop
Tegernsee, Germany 2 – 7 October 2005
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F. Wilczek:
Archaeopteryx Looks Up. Speculations on the Future of Human Evolution,
New York Academy of Sciences Update 20, Sept/Oct 2006, .

F. Wilczek:
The Social Benefit of High-Energy Physics
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F. Wilczek
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F. Wilczek
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