Won Gu Lee

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Kyung Hee University (Republic of Korea)
E-mail: termylee@khu.ac.kr
Page: http://one.khu.ac.kr

Fields of interest

Microscale electroporation;


Recent publications

Jeong Ah Kim, Won Gu Lee,
Role of weakly polarized nanoparticles in electroporation,
Nanoscale 3, 1526-1532, 2011.

Won Gu Leeet al.,
Nano/microfluidics for diagnosis of infectious diseases in developing countries,
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 62, 449-457, 2010.

Won Gu Leeet al.,
A hollow sphere soft lithography approach for long-term hanging drop methods,
Tissue Engineering Part C Methods 16, 249 – 259, 2010.

Won Gu Lee, Utkan Demirci, Ali Khademhosseini,
Microscale electroporation: challenges and perspectives for clinical applications,
Integrative Biology 1, 242 – 251, 2009.

Won Gu Leeet al.,
An impulsive, electropulsation-driven backflow in microchannels during electroporation,
Lab on a Chip 8 (2), 224-226, 2008.

Won Gu Leeet al.,
On-chip erythrocyte deformability test under optical pressure,
Lab on a Chip 7, 516-519, 2007.