Willi Semmler

Professor of Economics (Henry Arnhold Chair of International Cooperation and Development)
The New School of Social Research
The New School, New York, USA
E-mail: SemmlerW@newschool.edu
Page: http://www.newschool.edu/nssr/faculty.aspx?id=16346

Fields of interest

Concentrations: macroeconomics, financial markets; public finance; industrial organization, growth, climate change, resources.


Recent publications

Chiarella C., Flaschel P., Charp M., Semmler, W.
‘Financial  Assets, Debt and Liquidity Crises. A Keynesian Approach’,
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2011.

Chiarella C., Flaschel P., Franke R., Semmler W.
‘Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy. A Keynesian Perspective’,
Routledge, London 2009.

Chiarella C., Flaschel P., Hung H., Semmler W.
‘Business Fluctuations and Long-Phased Cycles in High Order Macrosystems’,
Nova Publishers, New York 2009.

Semmler, W.,
‘Asset Prices Booms, and Recessions:financial economics from a dynamic perspective’,
Springer, Heidelberg 2011.

Bernard L., Semmler, W.,
‘Boom-bust cycles: leveraging, complex securities, and asset prices’,
Journal of economic behavior & organization, Volume 81, Issue 2, February 2012, pp. 442-465.

Schoder, Ch., Proaño, Ch. R., Semmler, W.
‘Are the current account imbalances between EMU countries sustainable?’
Working Paper 2012, No. 90, IMK; forthcoming, Journal of Applied Econometrics.