Louisa Wu

Associate Professor
Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics; Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research
University of Maryland
E-mail: lwu1@umd.edu
Page: http://www.cbmg.umd.edu/faculty/louisawu

Fields of interest: 

Drosophila innate immunity, host-pathogen interactions, immune signaling


Recent publications:

Merkle JA, Rickmyre JL, Garg A, Loggins EB, Jodoin JN, Lee E, Wu LP, Lee L:
No poles encodes a predicted E3 ubiquitin ligase required for early embryonic development in Drosophila.
Development, 136(3), (2009): 449-459.

Pal S, Wu J, Wu L:
Microarray analyses reveal distinct roles for Rel proteins in the Drosophila immune response.
Dev. Comp. Immunology, 32(1), (2008): 50-60.

Pal S, St Leger RJ, Wu L:
Fungal peptide Destruxin A plays a specific role in suppressing the innate immune response in Drosophila melanogaster.
JBC, 282(12), (2007): 8969-8977.

Wu J, Randle K, Wu L:
Innate immune responses are linked to the detection of nutritional state in Drosophila melanogaster.
Cellular Microbiology, 9(4), (2007): 1073-1085.

Garver L, Wu J, Wu L:
The peptidoglycan recognition protein PGRP-SC1a is essential for phagocytosis of Staphylococcus aureus in Drosophila melanogaster.
PNAS, 103, (2006): 660-665.

Zambon R, Nandakumar M, Vakharia V, Wu L:
The Toll pathway is important for an antiviral response in Drosophila.
PNAS, 102, (2005): 7257-7262.

Wu L, Choe K-M, Lu Y, Anderson K:
Drosophila Immunity: Genes on the Third Chromosome Required for the Response to Bacterial Infection.
Genetics, 159, (2001): 189-199.

Lu Y, Wu L, Anderson K:
The antibacterial arm of the Drosophila innate immune response requires an I{kappa}B kinase.
Genes Dev, 15, (2001): 104-110.

Wu L, Anderson K:
Regulated nuclear import of Rel proteins in the Drosophila Immune Response.
Nature, 392, (1998): 93-97.