Willem J.H. Willems

Faculty of Archeology
Leiden University, ICOMOS-ICAHM
E-mail: www.willemwillems.com/about-me.html

Fields of interest:

  • archaeological heritage resource management
  • the archaeology of the northwestern Roman provinces and the Roman frontier

Recent publications:

W. Willems, D.C. Comer:
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In C. Gottfried & S. Hidalgo Sánchez (eds.),
Heritage, a driver of development. Proceedings of the 17th ICOMOS General Assembly Symposium. 2012.
Paris, 2012, 499-511.

W. Willems:
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Jinan, 2012, 34-38.

W. Willems, M. Dolmans, P. Van der Heijden, F. Hermans and G. Jansen:
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Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia 43/44, (2012) 1-8.

W. Willems, M. Dolmans, P. Van der Heijden, F. Hermans and G. Jansen:
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Venlo, 2011.

W. Willems, B. Gunchinsuren, Ch. Amartuvshin, S. Chuluun, J. Gerelbadrakh, K. Tsogtbaatar, J. H. Altschul, J. A. Homburg, J. W. Olsen & G. Wait:
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W. Willems:
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