Xiangrong Wang

Professor of Urban Ecology, Environmental Planning, and Vegetation Ecology
Environmental Sciences & Engineering
Fudan Univresity
E-mail: xrxrwang@fudan.edu.cn
Page: http://www.fudan.edu.cn/envir./faculty/xiangrong wang

Fields of interest: 

Urban Ecology, Environmental Assessment & Planning

Global Change and urban sustainability

Vegetation Ecology, Landscape Ecology & Design

Environmental Policy & Management

Sustainability & Eco-city Studies


Recent publications:

Xiangrong Wang (2011): 
Urban Ecology. “Key Textbook of the 11th-Five Year Plan for the Universities in China.
Fudan University Press, Shanghai.

Xiangrong Wang and Yuan Wang (2010):
Assessment on Climate change and Vulnerability of Estuary City – A case of Shanghai.
Science Press, Beijing China.

Xiangrong Wang and Jiang Yong (2006): 
Studies on the Landscape Ecology and Comprehensive Management Strategy along the Yangtze River in Three Gorges Water Reservoir Area, China.
China Construction Industry Press, Beijing, China.

Xiangrong Wang, Renjian Wu, Hao Zhang, Shoubin Wang (2006):
A Report on China Urban Eco-environmental Issues.
Jiangshu People’s Press, Nanjing, China.

Xiangrong Wang, Shixiong Wang, Yuan Wang, Huanran Ling and Zhengqiu Fan.2011: 
Global Climate Change and Strategies for Urban Sustainability: A Case Study of the Estuary City – Shanghai, China. UGEC Viewpoints,
No.6:46-49 November2011,w ww.ugec.org.

Xiangrong Wang, 2011:
Global change and vulnerability zoning for estuary city– A case ofShanghai. Sang Weiguo,Chen Zhongxin edi.
Eco-health and Eco-city. Bijing: China Medicine & Sanitary Press.

LING Huanran,WANG Wei,FAN Zhengqiu,WANG Xiangrong*.2011:
Ecological effect of green space of Shanghai in different spatial scales in past 20 years.
ACTA ECOLOGICA SINICA, ,31(19):5607- 5615.

LIU Xin, WU Lin-hao, ZHANG Hao,WANG Xiang-rong.2011:
Study on the Concentration of Negative Air Ions and the Influential Factors in Different Urban Plant Communities.
Journal of Fudan University (Natural Science), Vo l. 50(2):206-212

Bo Tian,  LiquanZhang, Xiangrong Wang*, YunxuanZhou, Wen Zhang.2010:
Forecasting the effects of sea-level rise at Chongming Dongtan Nature Reserve in theYangtze Delta, Shanghai,China.
Ecological Engineering 36: 1383–1388.

Xiangrong WANG,Huan HU, Rui-min MU, Zheng-qiu FAN,2010:
Research on Isolation, Identification and Lytic Characterization of a Bacterium that Lyse Microcystis Aeruginosa.
China Sci. & Tech. Online,2010.03