Xiao-Wu Chen

Professor of Mathematics
School of Mathematical Sciences
University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
E-mail: XiaoWu.Chen@degruyteropen.com
Page: http://home.ustc.edu.cn/~xwchen

Fields of interest

Gorenstein Homological Algebra, Singularity Categories of Algebras and Weighted Projective Lines

Recent publications

Jue Le and Xiao-Wu Chen,
Karoubianness of a triangulated category,
Journal of Algebra 310 (2007), 452-457.

Xiao-Wu Chen,
An Auslander-type result for Gorenstein-projective modules,
Advances in Mathematics 218 (2008), 2043-2050.

Xiao-Wu Chen,
Singularity categories, Schur functors and triangular matrix rings,
Algebras and Representation Theory 12 (2009), 181-191.

Xiao-Wu Chen,
Homotopy equivalences induced by balanced pairs,
Journal of Algebra 324 (2010), 2718-2731.

Xiao-Wu Chen,
The stable monomorphism category of a Frobenius category,
Mathematical Research Letters 18 (01) (2011), 125-137.

Xiao-Wu Chen,
Relative singularity categories and Gorenstein-projective modules,
Mathematische Nachrichten 284 (2-3) (2011), 199-212.

Xiao-Wu Chen, Henning Krause,
Expansions of abelian categories,
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 215 (2011), 2873-2883.

Xiao-Wu Chen,
The singularity category of an algebra with radical square zero,
Documenta Mathematica 16 (2011), 921-936.

Xiao-Wu Chen,
Three results on Frobenius categories,
Mathematische Zeitschrift 270 (2012), 43-58.