Yuan Ping Feng

National University of Singapore
E-mail: phyfyp@nus.edu.sg
Page: http://www.physics.nus.edu.sg

Fields of interest: 

Computational materials physics


Recent publications:

Y. W. Ma, Y. H. Lu, J. B. Yi, Y. P. Feng, T. S. Herng, X. Liu, D. Q. Gao, D. S. Xue, J. M. Xue, J. Y. Ouyang, J. Ding:
Room temperature ferromagnetism in Teflon due to carbon dangling bonds,
Nature Communications, 3, 727 (Published 6 Mar 2012).

Yunhao Lu, Bo Xu, Aihua Zhang, Ming Yang, Yuan Ping Feng:
Hexagonal TiO2 for Photoelectrochemical Applications,
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 115 (36), 18042–18045, (29 July 2011).

Minggang Zeng, Lei Shen (沈雷), Haibin Su, Chun Zhang, and Yuanping Feng: 
Graphene-based spin logic gates,
Applied Physics Letters, 98 (9), 092110 (published online 1 March 2011).

Miao Zhou, Aihau Zhang, Zhenxiang Dai, Yuan Ping Feng, Chun Zhang: 
Strain-Enhanced Stabilization and Catalytic Activity of Metal Nanoclusters on Graphene,
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114 (39), 16541-16546 (published on Web 02 September 2010).

Lei Shen, Minggang Zeng, Shuo-Wang Yang, Chun Zhang, Xuefeng Wang, and Yuanping Feng:
Electron Transport Properties of Atomic Carbon Nanowires between Graphene Electrodes,
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132 (33), 11481-11486 (Appeared online 2 August 2010).

Kesong Yang, Rongqin Wu, Lei Shen Yuan Ping Feng, Ying Dai, Baibiao Huang:
Origin of d0 magnetism in II-VI and III-V semiconductors by substitutional doping at anion site,
Phys. Rev. B 81 (12), 125211 (published 30 March 2010).

J. B. Yi, C. C. Lim, G. Z. Xing, H. M. Fan, L. H. Van, S. L. Huang, K. S. Yang, X. L. Huang, X. B. Qin, B. Y. Wang, T. Wu, L. Wang, H. T. Zhang, X. Y. Gao, T. Liu, A. T. S. Wee, Y. P. Feng, and J. Ding:
Ferromagnetism in dilute magnetic semiconductors through defect engineering: Li-doped ZnO,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 104 (13), 137201 (2 April 2010, published online 29 March 2010).

Y Lu, W Chen and Y P Feng:
Tuning the Electronic Structure of Graphene by an Organic Molecule,
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 113 (1), 2-5 (8 Jan 2009).

L Shen, S W Yang, M F Ng, V Ligatchev, L P Zhou, Y P Feng:
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J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130 (42) 13956-13960 (OCT 22 2008).

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Physical Review Letters, 99 (12), 127201 (21 Sept. 2007).