Yong-Young Noh

Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Hanbat National University
E-mail: yynoh@hanbat.ac.kr
Page: http://sites.google.com/site/opelnohgroup/

Fields of interest:

Prof. Yong-Young Noh’s research interests include solution processable organic and oxide semiconductors and polymer dielectrics for thin-film transistors, organic light emitting diodes, and organic photovoltaics. He is also interested on development of novel flat panel display technologies such as a flexible display.

Recent publications:

K.-J. Baeg, D. Khim, J. Kim , B.-D. Yang , M. Kang, S.-W. Jung, I.-K. You , D.-Y. Kim, Y.-Y. Noh,
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Flexible metal-oxide device made by room temperature photochemical activation of sol–gel films,
Nature 489, 128-132, 2012.

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Advanced Materials 24 (40), 5433–5439, 2012.

K. J. Baeg, J. Kim, D. Khim, M. Caironi, D. Y. Kim, I. K. You, J. R. Quinn, A. Facchetti, Y. Y. Noh,
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ACS applied materials & interfaces 3 (8), pp. 3205-3214, 2011.

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