Marek Ziebart

Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
University College London, London

Fields of interest

  • Space geodesy

Recent publications

M. Ziebart, J. Iliffe, R. Forsberg and G. Strykowski:

Convergence of the UK OSGM05 GRACE-based Geoid and the UK Fundamental Benchmark Network,
Journal of Geophysical Research (Solid Earth), 113, B12401, doi:10.1029/2007JB004959 (2008).

J. Bradbury, M. Ziebart, P.A. Cross, P. Boulton and A. Read:
Code Multipath Modelling in the Urban Environment Using Large Virtual Reality City Models,
Journal of Navigation, 60, (2007).

J.C. Iliffe, M. Ziebart and J. Turner:
The derivation of vertical datum surfaces for hydrographic applications,
Hydrographic Journal, 125, (2007).

J.C. Iliffe, M.K. Ziebart and J.F. Turner:
A New Methodology for incorporating tide gauge data in Sea Surface Topography models,
Journal of Marine Geodesy, 30, (2007).

M. Ziebart, J. Arthur, N. Bateman, P. Rauxloh, D. Lees and J. Brown:
Determination of the Parameters of the Guildhall Amphitheatre Ellipse in London,
Journal of Archaeological Science, 34, (2007).

M. Ziebart, P. Cross, A. Sibthorpe, P. Arrowsmith, W. Ochieng, A. Feng, U. Bhatti and P. Niemann:
Single Epoch Estimation of the Galileo Integrity Chain Sensor Station Clock Offsets,
GPS Solutions, 4, 227-237 (2007).

S. Adhya, M. Ziebart, A. Sibthorpe, P. Arrowsmith and P. Cross:

Thermal Force Modelling for Precise Prediction and Determination of Spacecraft Orbits,
Navigation, 52, (2005).

M. Ziebart, S. Adhya, A. Sibthorpe, S. Edwards and P. Cross:

Combined Radiation Pressure and Thermal Modelling of Complex Satellites: algorithms and on-orbit tests,
Advances in Space Research, 36, (2005).

M. Ziebart:

Generalised Analytical Solar Radiation Pressure Modelling Algorithm for Spacecraft of Complex Shape,
Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, 41, 840-848 (2004).

M. Ziebart and P.A. Cross:

LEO GPS Attitude Determination Algorithm for a micro-satellite using boom-arm deployed antennas,
GPS Solutions, 6, 242-256 (2003)