Zuzana Sarvašová

Forest policy, economics and forest management
National Forest Centre - Forest Research Institute Zvolen, Slovakia
E-mail: sarvasova@nlcsk.org
Page: http://www.nlcsk.sk

Fields of interest:

forest policy, rural development policy, nature protection, cross-sectoral cooperation, policy tools and instruments

Recent publications:

Dobšinská Z., Šálka J., Sarvašová Z., Lásková J.:
Rural development policy in the context of actor-centred institutionalism.
Journal of Forest Science 2013, 59: 34-40.

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Ann. For. Res. 2013, 56: 199-215.

Kovalčík M., Sarvašová Z., Schwarz M., Moravčík M., Oravec M., Lásková J., Tutka J.:
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Journal of Forest Science 2012, 58: 425-435.

Sarvašová Z., Šálka J., Dobšinská Z.:
Mechanism of cross-sectoral coordination between nature protection and forestry in the Natura 2000 formulation process in Slovakia.
Journal of Environmental Management 2012, DOI 10.1016/j.jenvman.2012.06.005

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Success cases and good practices of forest owners´ organizations in Eastern European countries,
EFI Central-East European Regional Office 2012.

Sarvašová Z., Jarský V., Setzer F., Weiss G.;
Support for Innovation in Forestry in Rural Development Programmes of Six European Countries.
In: Rametsteiner E., Weiss G., Ollonqvist P., Slee B. (eds.): Policy Integration and Coordination: the Case of Innovation and the Forest Sector in Europe. COST Action E51. Luxembourg 2010, Publications Office of the European Union., pp. 87-106.

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Sarvašová Z.:
Innovations in recreational services from the viewpoint of forest enterprises.
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