Zhihua Zhang

Tenured Research Professor
College of Global Change and Earth System Science
Beijing Normal University
E-mail: zhangzh@bnu.edu.cn
Page: http://www.gcess.cn/yjspy/dsjj/59760.html

Fields of interest:

Climate Change, Signal Processing, Applied Mathematics

Recent publications:

Z. Zhang, J. Moore,
New significance test methods for Fourier analysis of geophysical time series,
Nonli. Processes Geophys., 18, 643-652, 2011

Z. Zhang, J. Moore,
Comment on “Significance tests for the wavelet power and the wavelet power spectrum” by Ge (2007),
Ann. Geophys., 30:12, 1743-1750, 2012

Z. Zhang, J. C. Moore and A. Grinsted,
Haar wavelet analysis of climatic time series,International Journal of Wavelets,
Multiresolution and Information Processing,2014,12 (2): 1450020.

Z. Zhang, N. Saito,
PHLST with adaptive tiling and its application to Antarctic remote sensing image approximation,
Inverse Problems and Imaging,Volume 8, No. 1, 2014

Z. Zhang, N. Saito,
Existence theorem and minimal cardinality of UEP framelets and MEP bi-framelets,
Appl Comput. Harmonic Anal., 2013, 34:2, 297–307